Monday, June 1, 2009

New Vehicles For GM

The Bailout - A sturdy Hybrid SUV with a $50 million carrying capacity.

The Hillary – Shrill engine noise. Loved by Puerto Ricans. Flaw: Has a problem with recall.

The Gore – Designed without a heater since global warming will make it obsolete within a decade. Flaw: tends to be boring.

The Michael Moore – Noted for its oversized shocks and rear end. Flaw: completely unreliable.

The Geithner: A tax-free sedan.

The Peolsi – A bright red electric-only sedan with bumpers that never bend or crack. Flaw: The sticker price tends to be twice of what is listed.

The Kennedy: Cutting edge design allows this vehicle to be submersible.

The Barney Frank – When you buy this sporty little two-seater, your neighbors make the monthly payment. Flaw: weak engine and has the tendency to be rear-ended.

The Messiah: The perfect car. Can go from earth to heaven in less than 60 seconds. Known for its soaring engine sound and over sized dashboard read-out which is designed to look like a teleprompter.

The G.O.D.- The Good Ole Days. A full sized sedan with a V-8. Not to be confused with the Messiah.

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